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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quiet time

Let the quiet empower you
Restore the piece of your heart
That was ripped out of your chest
Slammed on the ground and spit on
The sad thing is you are the culprit

You have assasinated your own integrity and well being
In the name of being nice you have not been nice to yourself
Uncreative, dry, barren
Irritated as a rashy patch of skin
There is no escape
Except to create yourself again

Anew like the phoenix rising from the ashes
The ashes of your disappointment with people
The ashes of your disappointment with yourself
There's another fire to burn
Another mountain to climb and conquer
Another place to survey the greatness
That is beyond you

Crying out freedom to God
And the whole universe is watching you
More than anyone else they see you
They see the criminal in the mirror
Red handed with the murder weapon
Let their gaze move you to choose life
Choose life and death cannot hold you

He has conquered death for you
Even giving you keys
Now ask him for doors
They are all around you
Opening up as you open your eyes
To this virgin day

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