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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hiphop day at Fuller

I was at Fuller pretty much all day this Thursday for Hiphop day. There was a breakfast and discussion about hiphop and the church. Why are the civil rights generation and the hiphop generation so estranged from each other? Why aren't churches putting a priority on serving missionally in this culture in which so many youth are involved in? Why is there a big push in interest and money towards the "emerging church" which is a predominantly white movement and not the same push towards reaching the hip hop generation?

The night was capped by a panel discussion at Lake Avenue Church and a performance by the Ambassador. If u haven't heard the Ambassador then u r definitely sleeping. The sickest metaphors and punchlines all "submitted to the glorious Lord". Also check out the Cross Movement These guys have been putting in work for years in terms of the art form and representing Christ faithfully.

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