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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Time to rhyme

I have found my lyrical muse again.

It's been a while since I felt free to write. I think the fact that nowadays I want to say something in my raps that is significant has made it a little more complex and hampered my freedom in writing. Now I just say what's on my mind and on my heart with no particular agenda and it just flows. It's all about expression.

These days I'm so motivated. Here is my writing plan:

1. Freestyle rhymes into a voice recorder once a day
2. Compile those rhymes at the end of the week into a verse
3. In less than 2 weeks I will have complete songs.

Another thing that has been stoppin me is that I try to hard to make the first verse like the last one. At least in quality. So the rhyme scheme that everybody was luvin and sayin that's hot I try to recreate it in the next song. It only adds to my frustration and holds back my creativity by being an imitator and molded by the crowd. Moved by the crowd. No I'm an mc. I move the crowd.

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